Our Reflexologists

Certified Reflexologist

Lisa is a reflexology practitioner who is passionate about what she does and enjoys the help that she brings to each client. She has studied Shiatsu therapy in Japan and has completed her reflexology studies with the Reflexology Association of Canada. Having suffered with a foot issue herself, Lisa understands how constant pain in such an important area of the body can effect the whole self. Helping those that suffer from Plantar Fasciitis is rewarding and she is very glad to be a part of the Health Roots team. She firmly believes that by allowing the body and mind to relax during a session, the body is able to find and resolve any issues that have been causing discomfort or imbalance and to naturally resolve itself.

Certified Reflexologist

Alison has an Exercise Science Diploma, is a certified Personal Trainer, Registered Aromatherapist, Reiki practitioner, and certified Reflexologist. She is passionate about natural health and healing and continues to learn and practice how to achieve her own optimal health. Her other passions include service to others, Yoga, listening to music, and spending time in Nature. Alison wishes to share her knowledge and experience to help to improve quality of life in those seeking change. She is enthusiastic to be utilizing the ancient therapy of Reflexology - coupled with Health Roots' signature technique -to alleviate the painful symptoms associated with Plantar Fasciitis and feels fortunate to have the opportunity to assist clients on their journey to enhanced overall health and wellness.

Certified Foot Care Nurse

Connie has been working in health care for 14 years, with 6 years as a Certified Foot Care Nurse. She is adding complementary therapies to her tool box and is currently working on her Aromatherapy Certification as well as recently completing her Reflexology training. She is excited to be able to help people with Plantar Fasciitis, as she has come across it several times in her career and has been unable to offer any relief. During her practicum she was thrilled to see the results of Health Root's Plantar Fasciitis treatment as well as the effects of Reflexology in general. Connie is excited to be working with Health Roots and helping many people overcome the pain of Plantar Fasciitis and help them get back on their feet again!

Robin Vorauer

In 2003, Robin took the Advanced Reflexology Training, looking to fulfill a desire to help others. She had no idea that this would become her passion! As she fulfilled her practicum, she discovered that the people she was working on were having dramatic improvements in all areas! Their lives were changing! Robin knew at this point that this was what she wanted to do!

In October 2003 Robin was accepted for a Government Grant Business Program called the Self Employment Program. A year later she graduated at the top of her group and was asked to speak at the Graduation Ceremony, where she received an award for Business Excellence. What an honour!!

Not long after that, Robin began to have clients coming to her for help with a painful foot condition called Plantar Fasciitis. She proceeded to create a technique which has proven itself over and over again in the past 11 years! People who have suffered for years are now FINALLY finding relief and freedom for the constant, agonizing pain they were plagued with previously. Not to mention the infinite ways that the Reflexology treatment itself continues to help everyone in so many ways!

The fact is that the number of people suffering is increasing dramatically and Robin is determined to help as many people as possible. The expansion of her one-person business, to a team of passionate people-helpers, moving into a commercial location and under a new name as a corporation is absolutely incredible! Not to mention her new book helping share this gem of healing far and wide as well as training professionals to help people with this program. She looks forward to providing second-to-none Reflexology and healing to those with Plantar Fasciitis for years and years to come!