Just writing to express my gratitude and amazement in the results of only my first treatment! It's not very often that you have something done that directly affects your day to day routine and life like this treatment did. I have been to my doctor many times for the pain and disability I have been experiencing with no resolve. I have gone for ex rays, blood work waited months to see specialists only to wait again as I was passed to another. Only to be told they didn't know what was causing the pain and to take drugs to cope with it. I am not one to settle knowing that I wanted answers and to fix what was broken not mask it with drugs. Finding your clinic I thought could possibly be another dead end that now has turned out to be a blessing..

After sitting still or getting up in the morning I could not walk..and experienced terrible pain. One treatment and the pain and improvement is so drastic that I wouldn't have believed it if it wasn't my own body! I'm so looking forward to being able to run again and do the things I love to do in the future instead of the outlook I was given by other professionals. Looking forward to my next visit. This is truly life changing..
Thank you.

Jim Coma

Walking into this clinic changed my life. The agonizing pain of plantar fasciitis had ruled my life for over a year and I was convinced I would never be able to walk without pain. Janet has been working on my feet for several months now and I am almost completely pain free. Thank you for giving me my life back!

Elaine Chatwin

I just want to take a minute and thank you and Jenna for the incredible pain relieve I have in my foot thanks to the both of you. I have to admit when I first walked into your office with Plantar Fasciitis in my right foot I was a little apprehensive as to what I thought sounded like some Hocus Pocus, I didn't know the first thing about Reflexology, but you have made a believer out of me. I thought I would give it 5 or 6 session and see how it went, 5 session later and I can't believe the difference I feel. again thanks to the two of you.


The girls at Health Roots have me back on my feet again... Literally! I tried everything for my plantar fasciitis and cannot believe the difference after only a few treatments. My only regret is waiting so long (in pain) to go. Highly, highly recommend..

Lindsay Thorley

Robin and the girls have given me an amazing amount of relief. They are kind and take you to task if you don't keep up with your end of the treatment. Would recommend to anybody and especially people with sports related injuries.

Debbie Reed

Hello Robin
It was good to meet with you recently and even more pleasing you were able to convince me, a doubter that these therapies have real benefits. As you will recall I have suffered for several years with many aches and pains in my feet and shins particularly. As you know from our initial discussions I was somewhat skeptical of your technique, having tried once before several years ago. It became apparent during our discussions that your technique was somewhat different from the norm and your desire for a challenge engaged me to give it a try. I am delighted to say the results were outstanding from hobbling about with pain and soreness to a pair of feet that now feel rejuvenated. I now have much greater mobility in my toes and no pain.

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for taking on my negativity and making a point of difference. If you have any other negative doubters please forward on this email.
Once again many thanks.
Kind regards

Shaun Brittain, Nottingham, England

In 2006 I first saw a podiatrist because my feet hurt. Since then I’ve tried/seen/had/taken:

  • 2 different sets of orthotics from 2 different orthotics specialists
  • Numerous pairs of shoes/runners – over time it became harder and harder to find a pair that didn’t cause even more pain, and had the room to accommodate swelling
  • Was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my feet, especially the big toe joints
  • An Arthritis Self Care course 2009
  • Traumeel and numerous other creams including those specific for tendonitis and arthritis
  • Tried OTC pain killers and anti-inflammatory meds
  • Acupuncture
  • Arthritis physiotherapist
  • Thermoflo socks
  • Was prescribed sleeping pills and antidepressants as the increasing pain was making it harder to walk, stand at work and sleep
  • Massage therapy
  • On top of the joint stiffness my feet were swelling on top of the toe area and between my first and second toes of both feet, especially the left foot
  • Heel slips and metatarsal pads with the orthotics
  • Ion Cleanse (footbath where toxins are removed)
  • Was told I have early hallux rigidus in my big toes
  • Warm water baths and contrast baths
  • Was prescribed Celebrex (arthritis pain killer). Celebrex can lead to eventual gut problems if not used carefully
  • By 2011 my feet were extremely painful and I was sometimes feeling burning fire in my feet
  • Walking was becoming extremely painful; I was even struggling getting down stairs in our three level townhouse. I mentioned to my husband then that we may have to move some time soon as going down the stairs was becoming so difficult.
  • Neural acupuncture (lidocaine injected in feet to reduce pain). This really helped with pain but not the swelling.

I was getting desperate. In the end I believe a combination of the things below started me on the road to recovery.

Went to Health Roots and worked with Tracy. She does a combination of fascial release work, trigger point therapy and reflexology work. I started with her on Aug 2, 2011 and went weekly for 4 weeks. Through all the reading I’ve done, the trigger point therapy is extremely powerful and I believe it had a huge positive impact on my feet.

I also started doing foot exercises and calf stretches daily. During the summer I walked in sand on the beach. I bought a mat that simulates walking on smooth rocks and I walk on it regularly.

Now, 2 months later (Sept 2011) I no longer have pain or swelling in my feet. My toes and feet are much more flexible. I can walk down stairs and go on long walks (2 hrs) without any discomfort. My sleep is not disrupted by painful feet. I can spread my toes very wide and I can slip my fingers easily between each of them. I can wear shoes that for many years were uncomfortable because of the swelling and joint pain. It is like I have a new set of feet!! My five year ordeal is over in such a short period of time!

This road has been very difficult and painful; I can’t believe that it was so difficult for me to resolve the problem and that I went to so many people who supposedly can help. Many of the things I tried only helped temporarily, didn’t help at all, or had the potential to harm my body in other ways. I actually feel like I have a new lease on life with my new feet!!


Hello Robin, I write this letter after having attended a half dozen Plantar sessions with two different technicians in your office. I initially tried Plantar treatment to alleviate pain caused by broken bones in one foot which, six months after the incident, were still very sore. What I was not surprised to find was the treatments have made a world of difference to the foot pain, it is virtually gone, and my range of motion is far greater than when we started. The reason for this letter however is I have been terrifically surprised to find my overall health has been better since attending. Like many people in their middle years I have a few nagging ailments; most of which were quickly identified by your technicians without my telling them just from the tension in my feet. This quite simply amazed me, as have the corresponding benefits to these conditions from the Plantar treatment. The value in your services has been well worth the cost and I recommend everyone attend a few sessions to see for themselves.

Clay Martin

Where do I start !!!! Having suffered with a very painful foot for some weeks and being told by my doctor in England, nothing could be done just take painkillers, little did I know that my visit to my old friend Richard in Langley, Vancouver would ease my suffering. He knew someone who may be able to help. 2 days later in the comfort of his lounge, Robin Vorauer from Langley Health Roots Planter Fasciitis and Reflexology Centre has started my treatment and is explaining what is the causing my foot problem and how she has developed a technique that can help. On Robins advice I booked in for further treatment at the Langley Centre. WOW! What a treat! Warm greeting, big comfy chair, ginger tea [very nice] Jennifer Schultze continues the good work. 2 weeks after flying home and doing all the stretching etc. as advised, pain is getting less every day, thanks to all at Langley Health Roots Planter Fasciitis and Reflexology Centre for friendly and professional service.


I found out that I had plantar fasciitis last fall and November of 2009, I had orthotics made to help correct the problem. In March of 2010, I was down in Vancouver with a sick grandchild and severely sore feet. It just kept getting worse and worse. I would walk two blocks to the store and wonder if I would make it back, my feet hurt so bad. In my drive to and from Children's Hospital I kept hearing this ad on the radio for the Plantar-Fasciitis Centre in Langley. At first I hesitated as not being from Vancouver and not used to the traffic I was reluctant to drive ALL the way out to Langley. Finally I couldn't stand it anymore and I bit the bullet and made an appointment. I was only in Vancouver long enough to get seven treatments, but they have been such a help. When I consider the stress I was under when I went to the Centre it is amazing that they could help at all. I do the exercises and stretches that Tracey showed me & I am now pain free and cannot wear my orthotics as my feet have changed so much. I should also mention that I had toes that were scrunched up and did not lie flat, plus my big toes curved under the toes nest to them. Tracy worked at them until they now not only lay flat, which has improved my balance hugely, but I have a space between my toes.

Thank you so much. I have to also mention that the drive from Vancouver was very simple. It took a half hour each way and was so easy to find. If a lady from Campbell River can do it any one can.

I plan to make occasional trips back whenever I am in the area.

Thank you so much once again,
Lynn Norton

Thank you, Julie!

In October of 2008, I was struggling with incredible pain in my feet. Slowly but surely the pain had increased until I found it difficult to stand after sitting or sleeping and to walk for any period of time without struggling. I am a very active 60 year old missionary who manages a non-profit organization and who travels the world. This condition was affecting my work. My last trip to Honduras required me to assist with the unloading of 13.9 tons of medical equipment and put it in a new HIV/AIDS clinic we had just built. In other words, I did a lot of walking, lifting, and carrying. By the time I was finished that week I was really crippled as I had attempted to ignore the pain to get the job done.

When I returned to Canada I went to see my general practitioner. He looked at me sympathetically and said I had Plantar Fasciitis. I should get a pair of shoes which supported my feet better and basically learn to live with it. I went one step further and purchased a pair of orthotic inserts for my shoes. They were "custom made" for me. What I didn't realize is that they were conformed to my current state of my feet and back and would only support me to maintain my current condition.

My husband, being very concerned for me, saw an ad in the paper with a $10 discount coupon for the Langley Plantar Fasciitis and Reflexology Centre and suggested I give them a call. This was in August. I went to the centre and had my first treatment. It was very painful but my therapist, Miss Julie, was very patient with my questions and I felt a little better when she had finished the treatment. Miss Julie explained that what she was doing was reflexology with pressure applied as part of the process. I do not understand all of the technical but apparently not all reflexology centres use this approach.

After two or three visits she recommended that I see a chiropractor and the reflexology experience indicated that I may have some back problems. I trusted Julie as I was improving so I went to a chiropractor's office that she recommended. The two treatments, chiropractics and reflexology, have changed my ability to stand and to walk. It is now October and with about 2 months of regular treatments I am almost as good as new. I will continue to do "maintenance visits" if I should feel any of the pain returning. Besides a visit with Miss Julie is uplifting!

This week I will get my new orthotics which are designed for my feet (and back) since everything is in its rightful position. Now when I wear them they will actually support my walking and standing in a positive and proper way.

I do not understand why this form of treatment is not covered by our medical system. For me and for others I believe I have averted a slow crippling process that would have rendered me unable to do my work which is my passion, to function at home and to continue to be an active grandmother with my grandchildren. My quality of life has improved. Thank you, Miss Julie!

Judy Christopherson from Surrey, BC

I had pain in my feet and couldn't stand for long periods of time. I thought I would try Langley Plantar Fasciitis and see if it would help. After 4 weekly sessions with Jas I was able to get back to working out and able to go for walks again. I used to wear orthotics and now I haven't needed them. The reflexology massage was also relaxing and helpful with other parts of my body that were sore. I also try to use my Foot Chi Mat as often as I can to exercise the bottom of my feet. I hope that Great West Life would eventually cover these treatments as I would send the rest of my family for treatments also. Thank you.

Walnut Grove

By being proactive with my Plantar Fasciitis and seeking the help of the Langley Plantar Fasciitis & Reflexology Center I believe I increased the recovery time from this condition dramatically. I have suffered from similar foot conditions in the past, largely due to the fact that my job requires me to stand on concrete for 8 hours/day, and if left untreated it invariably leads to missed work days and added expenses for my employer, I know of people in the same profession that have literally missed months of work because they have Fasciitis. As this is a common work related injury for those people who are on their feet all day I think it should definitely be covered by extended medical as it would save money in the long run if people were able to have the condition treated properly.

Terry Cunningham

As a personal trainer and fitness business owner I know that many people suffer from foot problems and biomechanical foot injuries leading to chronic pain. The physical manipulation of the feet through this massage technique helps to stretch tight muscles and tendons and invigorate the areas of concern. If your feet hurt or the foot bones are misaligned this tends to cause complex problems to the knees to the pelvis and all the way up the spine to the neck. So the total body problems are far greater than is often realized and it is all starting from unhealthy feet and faulty walking patterns. I strongly recommend these treatments as an alternative to many other foot care options that exist in the market place.

Wendy Borsuk

I had been suffering with crippling pain and swelling on the inside of my left ankle since Fall 2008 and was getting progressively worse. I was unable to walk, even short distances, without excruciating pain. In Spring 2009 the orthopedic surgeon I had been referred to diagnosed it as Tendonitis and I was told to wear a stabilizing brace, (which was very costly and ineffective) and was prescribed Celebrex for pain. This did not seem very pro-active in my healing but merely a band-aid solution. The brace was expensive, uncomfortable and only irritated my ankle. The pain killers were hard on my system and in fact, I was told by my GP not to take them as they can cause bleeding stomach. Back to square one. Surgery was the only other option for me, which was not an option, as far as I was concerned.

I was very discouraged. I had incurred a lot of expense with no result and no hope for a future recovery. My ankle was so painful I was eating Advil like Smarties, with little relief from the pain. I couldn't sleep, sitting at a desk was difficult, and walking - even short distances was painful. I was unable to do many of the things I used to do. It was disheartening to realize that even the smallest things that I took for granted were now difficult, if not impossible.

A friend at work had been to see Robin at the Plantar-Fasciitis Centre and highly recommended the treatment that the centre was providing. I called the office with a myriad of questions. Rick was gracious in answering my many tedious questions and was extremely knowledgeable. I booked an appointment.

To say that I feel I have been given my life back is an understatement. Within the first treatment with Robin, I noticed a definite increase in my mobility. The swelling and heat in my ankle has been steadily diminishing and I have much greater flexibility. The constant, intense pain has decreased substantially and I am able to walk again with much greater ease. I feel that with each treatment, my ankle is healing. I have more energy, less pain and renewed sense of hope for a future where I am able to do the things I love to do.

I am also happy to say that I have noticed a few unexpected surprises after receiving the reflexology treatments. I no longer have pain in my feet when I get up in the morning or after sitting for a while. I had come to accept that pain and stiffness was a normal part of getting older. It is not. I have also suffered most of my life with allergies and have noticed them to be fewer are further in between after receiving the treatments.

Thank you to Robin for her energy, passion, and amazing healing hands! I do not like to think about what my future would be like had I continued on with traditional "medical" treatments.

Thank you, for giving me my life back.

Teresa Frederick

I went to Robin's for pain in my back, ending up discovering that the pain in my feet was Plantar Fasciitis. I could not stand for very long and I would get a burning sensation under my whole foot. I would get up in the morning feeling like my feet were very stiff and painful. Also when I would be sitting down for longue periods I would have a hard time walking around when I would get up. After 4 treatments already I'm noticing that my feet are not stiff in the mornings and when I get up I can move quickly right away. Also can stand for long periods without pain. This is awesome I feel way better and surprisingly more energy... bonus!!! Thank you Robin your awesome!

Langley, B.C.

I had suffered with Plantar Fasciitis for 2 years before meeting Robin. I had tried every remedy possible with no success. I had orthotics made, used ice on my feet, had a steady regime of ibuprofen, did strengthening exercises, but still had needles in the bottom of my feet, and nothing worked. Some of the things I did would improve to a point but would never elevate the problem. Robin's treatment has been the best treatment for me. I still suffer from some mild stiffness and periodic pain, but compared to what I had it is a 90% improvement. I have been seeing Robin now for 10 months and I am steadily improving. I would highly recommend this treatment for Plantar Fasciitis!

Chris Dahlseide,
Langley, B.C.

I remember reading an article in the local Newspaper about Reflexology and was quite impressed at what I read and decided to cut the article out for future reference. Since I spent a great deal of time on my feet I have ended up with what I know now is Plantar Fasciitis (for me was related to low arches, heel spurs, damaged tendon and a lot of swelling). I had gone to a couple of different podiatrists and have been fitted for 2 or 3 different types of orthotics which are not cheap to order. I found that they made my feet more uncomfortable while I was wearing them, so I decided that I would try Reflexology and made an appointment. I met with Robin Vorauer for the first time on August 15th, 2008. I have been seeing Robin twice a month, and even though there is some discomfort at first during the treatment, I have noticed a vast improvement in my feet. I can wear normal shoes again! The swelling in my feet, the damaged tendon, and lastly the heel spurs that I had have nearly gone away and this has enabled me to be able to walk more and to even stand longer with hardly little or no pain at all!

Reflexology covers a wide range of ailments and when I have finished my session I always come away feeling very relaxed!

I would recommend Robin's Reflexology Treatment to ANYONE

V. Oswald
Aldergrove, B.C.

I had always been interested in trying Reflexology and I finally bit the bullet and made the call. I was very happy I did!! I had been experiencing what felt like loss of circulation in my feet. I would wake up in the morning or after sitting for a length of time, my feet would be very sore and painful, it would hurt to walk. After one treatment I had already felt a difference with the pain I had been experiencing. I continue to go once a week at this time, and each and every time there is improvement. My feet wake every morning doing the "happy dance". Reflexology was the answer for me and I would recommend it to anyone who is experiencing any kind of foot pain! It worked for me!!!

Shelly Vinish

Robin is fantastic and has helped me with my Plantar Fasciitis tremendously! I was having serious foot pain and with the reflexology it has given me great relief not only with my feet but with my knee and back also. I would highly recommend this treatment and have recommending it to my friends.

Louise Adrian

I began going to see Robin for reflexology in August 2008 when I found I could no longer take the pain in my feet. I have been a lifelong walker and my sister and I were walking nightly, she is a cancer survivor and it was a way for me to reach out to her, spend time with her; and also help her health wise. Unfortunately it got to the point where I could not stand to do my regular walking routine. I was supposed to be the healthy, physically fit one, and I ended up being the one to say I couldn't go walking with her anymore.

I had no idea, to begin with, what the problem was. I researched the internet to track it down, and discovered it may be planter fasciatis. Coincidentally, at about the same time I saw an ad in the local paper that Robin had placed, giving a deal for new clients and that she specialized in planter fasciatis! She and I both believe there are no coincidences.

I averaged weekly appointments with Robin to begin with, and now I go every other week. The difference, for me, adds value to my life. I have started walking again (when it's not raining), I spent most of today standing, working on a project at my Church, I could not have done this even a month ago, standing for long periods was out. When your feet hurt, nothing goes right for you.

I had no idea what reflexology was before I went to see Robin, my husband had been and said it was a great foot rub, but I did not know the difference it could make to my health. Added to this is the knowledge Robin has for her craft, along with her passion to help ease your pain. Not the least of which, the girl knows how to make a really great cup of tea!

Marilyn J. Smith

Robin's treatments are exquisite! My entire body relaxes while my PF is being healed. Not only is it a wonderful treatment, it is also a treat.

Jim Rogers

I have been playing Tennis for over 30 years and have developed Plantar Fasciitis in both feet. Since seeing Robin for only 4 treatments my pain has subsided about 60% and my whole body seems less inflamed. I highly recommend her treatment for this type of condition and others. Thanks Robin for keeping me ON the Courts.

Jeff Zipman

Robin obviously loves what she does and focuses her treatment on giving you the best possible outcome and long term comfort.

Renee Gillett

About a year ago I received a gift card from my daughter for a Reflexology Session given Robin Vorauer (At the time Robin had a licensed home based studio).

After the initial treatment I have returned many times Plantar-fasciitis fortunately was not my problem however the repeated treatments did assist greatly in energizing me and provided welcome relief from tensed up nerves throughout my body.

Through Reflexology Robin has an intuitive way of finding those "sore spots" and increasing circulation and feeling of wellness.

Robins Reflexology Center in now conveniently located in Walnut Grove in very professional surroundings.

When you enter the premises you are warmly greeted by a receptionist and guided to a private treatment room complete with soothing music and herbal tea as a bonus.

If you want the best in professional treatment I highly recommend Langley Plantar Fasciitis and Reflexology Center.

Don Dangelmaier

I have been seeing Robin for over a year now and it is the best thing I have ever done. I have been to endless Massage, Physiotherapy and Chiropractor treatments and nothing helped. The pains in my legs, knees and back would go away for a day or two and then come back as bad as always. I would have Migraine Headaches several times a month. My headaches were for days at a time and up to 11 days in a row. Within three or four treatments of Reflexology the pains have gone away. I have not had a migraine in the last year and I don't get headaches anymore. This is the best I have felt in a very long time. Thank You Robin.

Janet Smith