Our Treatments

The Health Roots Studio offers premier Reflexology treatments and is nationally recognized and respected for our success in treating Plantar Fasciitis, a debilitating foot condition. Athletes appreciate our sports specific custom reflexology treatments. Our mobile reflexology services are becoming more popular for seniors and corporations interested in the health of their employees.

If your feet could talk, what would they say?

Are they happy?... or could they use a little TLC?

Memberships For Your Feet...

like a gym membership...
Consistency is more affordable with best results!"

Drop-in Plantar Fasciitis Signature Treatment
(45 min) - $69 each
 Sports Up-grade
$85 each
(1 hour: PF Signature + calf/lower leg work)
Ultra Happy Feet4x/mo. for 3 months = $55 each [$660 - Reg. $828]  $70 each [$840 - Reg. $1020]
Super Happy Feet2x/mo. for 3 months = $60 each[$360 - Reg. $414]$75 each [$450 - Reg. $510]
Very Happy Feet1x/mo. for 3 months = $65 each[$195 - Reg. $207] $80 each [$240 - Reg. $255]

Treatments for the Body, Mind, and Sole

Mobile Services are available for the workplace, sports teams, home, seniors homes, and more. Please contact us for further details. 604-881-1133

Seniors receive $10 off.

Health Roots Treatments
Reflexology Treatment Price

Signature Foot Treatment
(includes our Plantar Fasciitis Technique):

The most popular of our services, this amazing 45 minute treatment combining a unique form of Reflexology with our Famous Plantar Fasciitis Technique.

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Sports Treatment:

This one hour treatment is quickly becoming a favorite! It combines 20 minutes of deep tissue calf and Achilles tendon work with 40 minutes of our signature Foot Treatment. It is increasing rapidly in popularity!

Click Here to learn more about our Sports Treatment


Relaxing and Therapeutic Foot Reflexology Treatment:

Wait till you see how this affects your entire system, inside and out! Relax yourself and your tired feet and reap the amazing benefits of Reflexology.

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Deluxe Hand Treatment:

We use our hands in all that we do. If you have never had one of these, you are missing out! Our effective Reflexology Treatment on your tired hands 30 minutes.

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Hand/Feet Reflexology Combo:

The best of both worlds! Relax your hands and feet while bringing a healthy balance to your entire body from the inside out.


Deep tissue or Relaxation massages:

Back, Neck, Shoulder massage - 45 min
- 60 min $85
Full body Massage - 90 min $125

Prices do not include applicable taxes. All prices subject to change.

Our Program:

Thirteen years of proven results in solving Plantar Fasciitis has come from a consistent commitment to the treatments; which looks like the following:

  • One treatment per week for the first 4 weeks minimum
  • After that start reducing frequency to one every 10-24 days

Eventually many people end up on a maintenance schedule of one treatment every 2, 3 or 4 weeks, depending on need, preference, budget, etc. Every individual has their own perfect and unique maintenance frequency that they commit to.