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Find Out How To Relieve Plantar Fasciitis: Stop Using “Band-Aid” & Temporary Solutions!


  1. Do your feet hurt?
  2. Have you spent time and money you wish you hadn’t on trying to find a solution?
  3. Are you tired of being told, go here, try that, buy these and still finding no or very little relief?
  4. Are you afraid you may lose your ability to do the things you love? Not be able to run, jog, go for walks, or play sports anymore?
  5. Do you feel like all of the help you have found is more of a band-aid then a solution?


Look, suffer & fear NO MORE! Everything you need to know about a SOLUTION - NOT BAND-AID is here for you now!

What is Plantar Fasciitis?

Plantar Fasciitis is a painful condition directly relating to the tendons in the feet. 99% of the time the pain is mostly felt directly in front of the heel on the underside of the foot, although it can refer to other areas throughout the arch and other parts of the feet alike. Reportedly, the most painful time is first thing in the morning when hopping out of bed when the feet first hit the floor.  The most common suggested treatment for this problem are orthotics and other inserts, foot braces, cortisone injections, surgery, etc.

How does it happen?

 Plantar Fasciitis often happens as a result of the collapsing of the arch of the foot, and is happening in more and more people every day mostly due to spending our days working and playing on flat-hard surfaces.  This puts tremendous strain on the structure of the feet, which in our culture also lack the muscle tone and strength to support us causing the arches to collapse. As the arch collapses,the tendons under the feet become over-extended. The body’s natural response to this is to retract the tendons in an effort to protect itself from the falling down arches. That is why when you wake up in the morning and step down onto the floor it is the most painful time. While you were sleeping the tendons had a chance to cool down and shorten and then as we step down onto the foot  the tendon will then begin to tear at the anchor-points, in front of the heel and just under the ball of the foot beneath the big toe. This tearing causes a bunching up for fascia tissue as well as prompting the body to create scar tissue in the area to reinforce the torn tissue. We then have an over-extended, retracting, tearing tendon with bunched up fascia and scar tissue; ad in a sprinkle of inflammation and then you have the perfect recipe for excruciating pain! This is called Plantar Fasciitis and it is becoming more common every day! 

Why is this happening?


Think about the people in third world countries. They have very few flat-hard surfaces (developed/cultivated ground) even in their homes, and they almost never wear shoes. These two truths are the very reason they don’t have Plantar Fasciitis. It is a known fact that some of their marathon runners come to North America, run our marathons and take the prize money home. We often don’t even stand a chance! You see, the bare feet on uneven surfaces makes for a constant exercise and strengthening program for the muscles in the feet, ankles and upward. This is how we were designed to live. But, in our culture we don’t do this. We go to the gym and exercise every other muscle in our body, but somehow we have forgotten the little tootsies that hold the rest of us up all day long. It’s our poor feet that take the beating when we are out running marathons, jogging, walking, playing sports, working in standing jobs, etc. And on top of it all, we are doing all of this on flat-hard surfaces! No wonder we are now in the need of “mucho” support in our shoes. It is all due to the collapsing which is due to the lack of strength and the abuse of the flat-hard. The support mind you, serves as a crutch to the arch and structure of the foot. Let me ask you this, what happens to the body when we crutch or brace an area? It weakens further doesn’t it? If we were to wear a brace around the mid-section of our body for a year, and then take it off, we would fold in half! The same happens with the feet. It must be said that there are people out there who can benefit from a well built pair of orthotics, made by a reputable and appropriately trained professional. These are people who have a biomechanical need for a system that will help correct an issue like this. As for the rest of us who have collapsing arches – which is mostly due to our lifestyle – it’s time stop with the expensive band-aids, and finally SOLVE this problem once and for all!

What is the solution?


#1 – Start walking around as often as you can on uneven surfaces – rocks at the beach or on the riverbed, etc. Do this with bare feet or shoes that have no support, for example aqua shoes, or Vibram Five Fingers. So, in other words, as natural as possible! This will build strength in the feet to support the bones and tendons and stop the process of collapsing.

#2 – Get to Health Roots Plantar Fasciitis and Reflexology Centre 604-881-1133.  It is located on Glover Rd. in downtown Fort Langley BC Canada and get it treated the right way! Check out the testimonials on the site or call to ask about the unique technique used and that is helping people get their lives back! They will work hands-on to re-lengthen the tendons and to break apart the scar tissue, thus bringing back the normal function of the feet and most importantly relieving your pain and solving the problem once and for all!

#3 – Prince Charles says we have an “illness treatment system, not a Health Care system”. Spread the word to everyone you know that we need to change our ways and get back to doing things the way our body was designed to do it! Be a leader with the mindset that instead of waiting until we are in trouble and then patching it with a temporary band-aid, we need to take responsibility and practice every day good habits. Start to invest in our health and support our bodies thus living a healthy, happy and rich life with the ability to do all of the things that we love to do!

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